pretty pumpkins…

pretty punkin

So, about a month ago, when we arrived at church, there were the most beautiful, end of pew decorations that had been left from a wedding the day before. They were spheres filled with the prettiest, petite, pink roses. Unfortunately they had already begun to drop there petals and were making quite a mess.  I figured in that case they would have to be thrown away.  I asked if I could have them because I wanted to dry the roses. =)

The next day, (I dragged my hubby)  I mean, Hubby and I stopped by to gather them up and brought them home to dry. With the help (kind of),  of our 5 year old, we managed to salvage a whole bunch of roses to dry. Which we did just by laying out on newspaper.

Then the other day, Hubby and I went pumpkin picking to pretty up the front of the shop.  I picked up these little white beauties. Inspiration struck, and here you have them. Topped with bits of moss, antique lace and dried roses that once graced the isle of our church.

I think they would make pretty wedding centerpieces…

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  1. I love the industrial space, but I don’t live in a place like that, so i like your photo. It feels like something I could do in my own furniture. Very inspiring.

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