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I have always enjoyed thrifting, that would include flea markets, auctions, mud sales, estate sales, garage sales, thrift stores and I’m sure there are a couple more to add to that variety. I have found if you are patient and thorough, there are always treasures to be found, even among the most unlikely lot.pretty boxes

Some of the things I look for again and again are,  vintage upholstery, fabrics, lace, ribbon, jewelry, dishes, glassware, certain Pyrex and Fire King items, books, pictures, milk glass and don’t forget the linens, I love vintage linens and of course furniture.  I could go on. I don’t buy just anything though. The thing has to have a certain look, color and quality. I am reeeeally picky, just ask Annie. We could be out picking and it usually goes something like this. We’ll both be searching, digging, etc, and she will repeatedly hold up an item to show me and I’ll say “nah”, “nah”, “nah” then another time, “gasp”! and we instinctively know it’s a great find. She has become a really good, patient, thorough picker and I love the times we get to do that together.

Whoops, I digress. You may have noticed at the shop, that many times we will have these locally made wooden tool boxes. In the past, I have painted them, embellished with bows made from blue ticking, upholstery webbing, and burlap to name a few.They have so many uses and I love them!

These boxes in particular, are embellished with antique lace, velvet ribbon that I treated to have that “crushed velvet” appearance and beautiful vintage jewelry from my collection. No, you will not find these at your local Wal-Mart. Lol.

I picture these at a wedding, to hold cards for the bride and groom. They are the perfect size to hold 3 mason jars to be filled with whatever you can think of, in the bathroom, on a pretty vanity, in an office, a little girl’s room, to put your pretty paper plates, napkins in, stop me, I could go on. :)

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  1. I too love thrift shopping! There are so many great things to look for and at. Always a story to be heard about the stuff being sold, it’s history! It’s the thrill of the hunt, never knowing what you will find! Oh and lets not forget the bargains!! I sort of find stores with all new things , a little boring!! My dream job would be very much like yours. Having my own little store full of all the treasures I find and finding them a new home at a profit of course!! I have purchased some of my treasures at your wonderful store!

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