Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint tips and tutorial…

Don’t be intimidated by milk paint! This is not rocket science!lucketts dry sink

Mixing the paint

1. Only mix what you need. Milk paint lasts almost indefinitely when in powdered form.

2. To mix;  Measure out 1/2 cup paint powder into mason jar. Measure out 1/2 cup warmish tap water. Pour about 1/3 of your water into mason jar and mix really well with a mini whisk. Once it is all incorporated and kind of smooth, gradually add more of your measured out water. I generally don’t mix all the water in. I like my paint a tad less thin.

3. Go do something else for a half hour, give your paint a chance to really incorporate. Come back and give a really good mix, really making sure to be scraping sides and bottom of jar.

Ready to paint

1. Use nice long even strokes.

2. Paint one coat. Allow approximately 1 hour or so to dry. Paint another coat. Lighter colors usually need 3 coats. Darker colors need 2.

3. After the second coat dries is when you will generally see that gorgeous chipping start to occur-it doesn’t always. Use a scraper to lightly scrape away any lifted paint. In general, once the paint has chipped it will not chip anymore.


My favorite finish is wet sanding with hemp oil then applying a thin coat of furniture wax.

1. Apply hemp oil liberally using an old, clean paint brush.

2. Use fine/medium grit sanding sponge to lightly sand entire piece of furniture. Your piece will smooth out very quickly with this process. Buff and remove all excess hemp oil.  You will be amazed at how gorgeous your piece looks at this point.

4. Hemp oil needs a full 30-45 days to fully cure.You can definitely use your piece before that, just be gentle.


I like the extra durability a coat of wax adds.

Miss Mustard Seed Furniture wax is super easy to apply and remove.

1. Apply thin coat of wax with wax brush or rag.

2. Completely remove all excess wax.

3. Buff

This is the basic technique of using Milk Paint. There are so many ways to use this amazing, versatile, all natural paint.

Go ahead just do it!











3 thoughts on “Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint tips and tutorial…

  1. Hi! I’m wondering too if you can wax right after applying and buffing hemp oil. I’m trying this and distressing as I go and my sandpaper is getting all caked with paint. Am I doing something wrong or is that normal.

  2. Painted with AS chalk paint. Left dry. Brushed on hemp oil with brush. Used sanding sponge to distress and sand. Buffed with clean rag. Got lovely but My sanding sponge and drawers get gunky with paint while in the process. Do u distress while wet sanding or before. Mayb I’m doing the process wrong.

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