I have often wondered, how God could possibly use my love of making and curating  all things *froufrou.

frou•frou (ˈfruˌfru)
n., pl. -frous.   1. frilly decoration.

I may not fully understand how God uses these things, I just know He does…

I know because of the comments we hear from you, our amazing customers about the shop and what it means to you. I know because we have experienced God’s encouragement, kindness and love through so many of you.

It is my heart’s desire that when you come into our shop. You sense God’s presence. Through the Praise and Worship music. Through the things we carry and why we carry them, and through us who work there.  Ba-lieve me, I am painfully aware of my humanness, and this is after all a family business ;). I hope you don’t often catch us in one of our less shining moments, but if you do, -please forgive us. =)

This Thanksgiving, I pray that your blessings are more than your worries. That God may give you eyes to see that you have so very much to be thankful for and that you are filled with His peace, the peace that passes all understanding.






2 thoughts on “He does…

  1. Hope to visit you soon
    . My friend was there today and said I would love your shop ! She’s encouraging me to show you some of my creations ;-)
    Idk about the shop but I love the way you think ! God is Good , indeed !

    1. Thanks Bernadette! We are not taking any new artisans at the moment. I would still love to see pictures of work!

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