Hello, my name is Amy and I have an email problem.


I don’t know about you but I get a ridiculous amount of email. For the business, from my kids school, from the stores I frequent or not, and from lots of other places that have caught my email through the years.

Every now and then I sit down and unsubscribe from the random companies that no longer are applicable or I simply have no interest in receiving anymore.  You know you can do that right? Just scroll down to the bottom of the email of that company that regularly stuffs your inbox and hit unsubscribe. You should stop getting emails from them in a day or two.

Although I check my email several times a day, It seems I rarely get through all my email each day, everyday, so it accumulates…

Sometimes, I find it a real bummer when I look at my inbox and it says (9999+). I know that much of it is indeed junk! I decided last night that my inbox and I need a clean slate this year. So I just deleted 16,694 emails. Oopsie! :/ yes, I let it get that bad. Am I alone in this, please tell me I’m not? :/

Steps I am taking so that this does not happen again.

  • unsubscribe from  companies that are not relevant to me in my life right now.
  • Not give my email to cashiers, unless it’s a store that I frequent, or generally want to be notified of events, sales, or coupons. ( I do this already-I try to decline giving my email in the nicest way possible, but it seems like people take it personally. It’s not personal! =)
  • If I open it, I have to answer it right then and there. Can’t save it for later.
  • Make sure my inbox is as empty as possible before the end of each day

All that being said, I TRULY love <3 getting emails from you!!! :) Don’t ever hesitate to share your thoughts with us!  If by some odd chance, you send me an email and don’t receive a response, please try again. I don’t want to miss anything you have to say. It is because of you, this shop exists! We appreciate you so much!!!

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